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New Year Special :

We have a single set of new in the box European style Left hand Drive configuration headlamps that fit all Silver Spur and Silver Spirit available.



Part One is not exactly where you are in case you were wondering.

Part Two , the parts section is where you are and features information about and pictures of parts you may well need, don't yet know you want or may start thinking about wanting once you know they exist. We offer many more, somewhere around 55,000 genuine factory parts than what you will see listed on our website yet the parts listings below are illustrative of parts we supply for both newish and venerable vintage models.


This vintage photo was taken inside the Rolls-Royce factory back in the day and shows racks of Silver Shadow bodies awaiting assembly.


You may order whatever parts or accessories that you like by calling or e-mailing us with the VIN of the car. Click the blue

 Rolls-Royce and Bentley Parts link to email us.

If you are not sure about what you want, no worries. Think about what tasks or improvements you would like to accomplish and let us know. Our workshop has been working with these cars for 36 years and while we have not seen or done everything, we have been through a lot and supply parts for the following models and more.  Call 281.448.4739 for parts.


Bentley S parts                                Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud parts

Bentley T parts                                Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow parts

Bentley Azure parts                         Rolls-Royce Silver Spur parts

Bentley Mulsanne parts                   Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit parts

Bentley Continental parts                Rolls-Royce Corniche parts

Bentley Flying Spur parts                 Rolls-Royce Seraph parts

Bentley Arnage parts                        Rolls-Royce Phantom parts

Bentley Eight parts                           Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith parts

Bentley GT parts                               Rolls-Royce Flying Spur parts

                                                          Rolls-Royce Silver Ware parts (Just making sure that you are alert)

Bentley GTC parts

Bentley Speed parts

Bentley Turbo R parts

Bentley RT parts

Bentley RL parts

Bentley Continental SC Mulliner parts

Bentley Touring Limousine parts


We also supply Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborgini parts for new and many early models as some of our Bentley and Rolls-Royce owners also have some of these cars in their collections.

Of course you don't have to swim to England to buy new parts as we offer an extensive inventory of new genuine spare parts for cars built in Crewe, England from 1955 onwards and this section features a select few of them to perk your interest.  While we stock inventory with one or six floors of parts , we do not stock every part that Rolls-Royce and Bentley ever made during the previous 100 years and every week we special order specific parts from the 55,000 and more part numbers the factory keeps more or less on hand. Once ordered the wheels go into motion. The parts are pulled in the main warehouse in England and are shipped over to the USA.   Special order parts are not returnable.

Often times, most of the time it seems that we supply new parts for a less cost or equal to what junkyards ask for old used parts. You can no longer presume that used parts will cost less because these days this reasonable assumption is no longer steadfast.

While we do supply an amazing number of new parts and materials, some parts are unavailable without using H.G. Wells time machine and H.G. won't tell us what time it is.

 Click the blue words to  E-mail or call 281.448.5165 with the VIN of the car for parts you may desire. We ship to anywhere including but not limited to everywhere on this planet. Read the below listings carefully as not all parts fit all models.


Click the blue words to e-mail us: Rolls-Royce and Bentley Parts

Please send the VIN or chassis number and model of your car with parts requests.


Regarding shocks or dampers for Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur:

The shocks on these cars are somewhat expensive. There are companies attempting to rebuild them and the rebuilt units are sold for about half the cost of new units.  Some rebuilt shocks are known to have failed resulting in crashed cars and some car owners sued the Bentley factory claiming the shocks were defective. These lawsuits did not succeed because the Bentley factory does not supply rebuilt shocks and a resulting policy is that old shocks or dampers have to be returned to the supplier when new units are purchased. The old units are destroyed to prevent them from entering the rebuilt market thus we supply new units and do not supply rebuilt or used shocks for these models as we don't sell Russian roulette parts.


We actively buy entire Rolls-Royce and Bentley parts inventories as well as new unused parts. If you have new parts that you are not going to use that are laying about and taking up space, we might well be interested in buying them from you.


Carpet Burns

The forward cabin floors on Silver Shadow and Silver Wraith cars built after 1976 can experience a rust enhanced burn through of the steel floors from prolonged exposure to the intense heat of a catalytic converter and humidity. It is a wise move to lift up the front carpets and underlayments. Peer under them and inspect the metal floors. Look for holes or fried appearing carpets or underlayments. If you are able to see the catalytic converter through a nasty appearing hole right though the floor of the car then it is past time for preventative action.  Sometimes the intense heat from the exhaust will cause the carpet insulation to smolder and catch fire. This heat will fry electric seat wiring amongst other things.

We supply complete carpet sets for cars built after 1955 and also supply the original wool Wilton carpet material in many colors. We supply the original wool broadcloth that was used for the headliners and also supply made to order headliners.


0.38  A new Rolls Royce Silver Shadow left hand floor panel temporarily sitting on our office floor. We keep these panels in stock.  If the left or right floor of your Silver Shadow has rust damage, holes etc, we provide new original floor panels so the problem can be fixed with the right stuff. These are complex stampings that replace the entire left or right side floor.  Shadow II cars had an issue with the hot catalytic converters causing accelerated rusting out of the floors right under the drivers feet. Car floors also rust out from exposure to the elements as Silver Shadows have been around since 1966.


Hot Foot

  This photo shows a left hand Silver Shadow II floor that has rusted away. The catalytic converter can be seen right through the large hole in the floor and is convenient for roasting feet or marshmallows.  After the old floor is replaced, we supply a section of heat shield and foil backed insulation to help keep the exhaust heat from reaching the carpeting and your nose. We usually have new left and right floor panels in stock.


Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars have specially designed exhaust systems as all cars do. Should a car owner take their car to a muffler shop for exhaust replacement using generic parts then problems may well or will happen as generic exhaust parts can cause the engine and metal parts to over heat. Such systems can cause the carpet underlayments to catch fire as exhaust flow can be restricted from non standard pipes and silencers meaning the exhaust pipes simply get too hot. Sometimes the pipes get red hot and this is not absolutely good.  Generic muffler shops do not generally employ people that have been trained in the design and fabrication of exhaust systems used on expensive cars and are not usually not qualified to design such a system for these cars using generic parts. But this sort of thing happens a lot anyway as exhaust parts made to factory specification are much more expensive than generic parts. Generic suppliers will frequently argue that a $29.00 or whatever muffler with a totally different configuration has the same functionality as a much more expensive factory muffler but this is just not so.  We  offer replacement carpets as per original available in 31 Wilton wool colors and 32 colors of leather binding in individual sections or complete sets for cars that have burned from the installation of poorly done exhaust systems or age.  We also supply new high heat insulation.

We supply new convertible tops made in the original Everflex and headliner kits for drophead or convertible Corniche as well as Silver Shadow, Silver Cloud, Silver Wraith, Silver Spur, Silver Spirit and many more in the original material and colors. The interior of a Rolls-Royce or Bentley is made from the finest materials available such as Wilton wool carpets bound in leather for the cabin and boot. The interior trim is made from contented cows and nice sheep's wool.  We supply carpet sets as well as individual pieces subject to high wear such as the drivers floor carpet section. These are made as the originals were and as a great many colors were and are available, all pieces and sets are made to order.  We supply Wilton carpet material by the yard and supply the original metal and plastic door panel clips and chrome moulding clips for cars made from 1950-2011.


$$$  We are now offering special (lower) pricing on new old stock original factory made 1966-1980 Silver Shadow and Silver Wraith trunk or boot lids while they last. Our pricing is probably lower than what junkyards ask for used lids or so we hear. These lids are no longer being manufactured and when they are gone, they are really gone.  $$$


Start your Engines

The original starters used on Silver Cloud, Silver Shadow and early Silver Spur series cars are no longer supplied by the factory. We do supply new aftermarket starters ( not for Cloud 1),  however this starter can be a difficult fitting sometimes as some of the units to not align with the start ring gear teeth and cause a ringing noise on start up. On some cars the starter has to be removed and shims added or subtracted or not used at all. On certain cars these starters cannot be used without damaging the teeth on the expensive ring gear. This style starter is inexpensive though and sometimes they fit and work perfectly. There is no way of knowing without installing them.

Regarding the original starters, we do rebuild them.


0.1  If a late model Bentley GT or Flying Spur has been in a misadventure, we offer new body parts such as bumpers, grilles headlamps etc. for Bentley GT ,Bentley Flying Spur and Bentley Continental as well as hoods/bonnets, fenders/wings, doors, wiring looms and glass. We also offer nice accessories for the GT, GTC and Flying Spur. No used parts are available. 

0.2  For all Silver Cloud,  Bentley S, Phantom V, Silver Shadow (with round window motors) and Silver Spirit and Silver Spur,  new power window motors are in stock and we stock new drive chains for the window regulators. The chain links can and do get rusty over many years of service. We have a few new old stock complete window regulator assemblies for Silver Shadow series left.

   For later models such as Bentley Arnage and Flying Spur and Azure or Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph, we supply complete electric window regulators. Bentley GT uses a separate motor module. We have in stock new power window motors for Silver Cloud series, most Silver Shadow and some Silver Spur cars.

0.3  Fenders or wings for Chinese Eye Bentley ,Silver Cloud 1,2, Silver Spurs, Silver Spirits

03.11  We have a single set of four New Old Stock wheelcovers or hubcaps suitable for all Silver Clouds. These parts have  been discontinued by the factory for many years. To be sold as a set only and is suitable for that very high grade Pebble Beach restoration.

0.4 Certain Phantom V fenders for certain coach built models

0.5 New front windscreen/windshield glass for certain coach built cars. We supply new front tinted windshields for the Rolls-Royce Camargue at very attractive pricing. We can supply new front and rear windshield rubbers for certain coachbuilt Silver Cloud and Bentley cars.

0.6 Many new Shadow and Spur body parts such as body moldings, handles, body rubber, fenders, doors, lamps , bonnets/hoods and plastic molding clips that retain the moldings

.0667 The G-Conscious Valve located near the famous distribution valves. These are frequently found to be jammed up with rust and goo and are therefore unconscious.

.0668 The famous distribution valve. There are two of these on every car made from 1966-2000 or so and they are not rebuildable. This part is designed to have a tiny leak of fluid that provides lubrication to the precision made metal inside parts. The leak should not pour on the floor. Many people mistakenly think this part is a brake master cylinder. The distribution valves are located under the car under the left hand front seat area.

.0669-3196  The little plastic grill that fits in the center of the dash in Silver Shadow II and Silver Spurs and Corniche cars. These are found broken from time to time.

0.6.5  Steering racks. We can supply NEW and REBUILT power steering racks for many models.  Racks are sold exchange only meaning the old rack has to be returned.

0.7 new Bentley Flying B grill mascots.

0.9 Factory re-manufactured engines, new engine blocks with liners or without as well as all manner of engine parts. The remanufactured engines are virtually new. There are some 61 variations and a few are still available so send your VIN to find out. 

.092  We have a complete set of new old stock front and rear chrome bumper overriders for all Silver Shadows with chrome bumpers. These parts are frequently rusted or bent these days.

0.10 New factory Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud front windshield or windscreen glass and back glass and Bentley S,  Silver Spur and Spirit, Bentley GT  windshield glass. We can supply some coach built glass as well and also supply window glass. We offer original Triplex glass and the rubber gaskets or seals for many models.  New Triplex windshields for Silver Shadow are in stock.

0.11 Technical manuals in many languages and Theoretical Wiring Diagrams for many models up to 2000+.  We stock Silver Cloud and Bentley R-Type-Silver Wraith workshop books,

0.12 Special tools. We can supply a great many special tools that are electronic in nature. These specific tools analyze the electric seats, electric top, a/c, ABS brake system analysis and more functions. W offer a great many special tools for removal or assembling various assemblies. Did you know that replacing the upper ball joint on Shadow, Corniche and Spur/Spirit requires a special tool to torque or accurately tighten the special locking ring nut? Otherwise there is no way to know if the locking ring is properly tight or not. Doing such jobs by feel is not a safe way to ensure that the suspension will stay together. Imagine if you will a ball joint coming loose at speed. The upper front suspension assembly with wheel would flip out and away from the car resulting in a catastrophic situation for all concerned. A lot of car parts require accurate torque of bolts or various parts. Over the years that we have been in business, we have found countless bolts left loose or that have worked their way loose due to sloppy workmanship by people that lacked the skill or integrity required to deliver safe work on cars.  We sell a lot of ball joints and few special tools so this is a scary situation. We have found that some people hit the locking ring with a hammer and drift to make the ring tight. This sort of thing is totally unsafe for a critical part on a 6000lb car.  Thus it is best to have this job done by a shop that is equipped or the car owner should buy the tool if they want to drive the car and live. This is a good idea.

0.13 There are no remaining new LH or RH front fenders for Silver Cloud 1 or 2 at the factory but we do have a single new RH front fender in stock and can supply a new old stock LH fender,

0.14 Oil Filters? Sure, we have them for current models all the back to 1950's models. 

0.14.1  V8 tappets or cam followers or lifters have not been available from the factory in a few years now so we are rebuilding them. There are aftermarket versions being offered but these are not good at this time as they do not lubricate the camshaft lobes adequately and are too tall.  Some aftermarket lifters can damage camshaft lobes. To replace the camshaft the engine has to be removed and considerably disassembled.


New boot/trunk mounted back lens assemblies for Silver Spur and Spirit are in stock. We offer new lenses and lamps for many other models as well such as Silver Cloud I, II, III and Bentley S I, II, III as well as Silver Shadow, Corniche and all later models.  Lenses and lamps are available for cars from 1955-2011.


  A one piece tail lamp lens for Silver Cloud 1 & 2  and Bentley S1 and S2. These are are the genuine article made from official Rolls-Royce red plastic each one kissed by the fairies of automobilia.


 New and previously long unavailable Silver Cloud III and Bentley S III upper and lower tail lamp lenses. These lenses are supplied as an upper and a lower lens with the top lens available in red or amber. These are original LUCAS lenses properly marked. These are no longer supplied by the factory but we still do.



Late 1980's Bentley Continental R tail lamp lens assembly   



 One of our remanufactured fuel distributors for fuel injected cars. We offer these as exchange units off the shelf. Old fuel distributors and fuel injectors, accumulators and pressure dampers are a common source of running issues these days as the parts are getting old and cranky.


This is the fuel pump model used on all Rolls-Royce Silver Shadows and Corniche models up to around 1977. Some models used them after 1977 and we have pumps in stock and also stock the 1977-1996 fuel pumps for all RR and Bentley cars. The original fuel pump for all Silver Cloud and Bentley S cars has a similar appearance to the this pump but the center casting differs. We supply parts used to rebuild these pumps but think they are a waste of time and money to try to do as the pumps are too old to be reliable and an unreliable fuel pump is like an unreliable heart. You can't replace your heart with a new one grown from your own DNA yet but you can replace your fuel pump with a new one. We also keep fuel pumps for all fuel injected Silver Shadow, Silver Spur and Silver Spirit as well as all Bentley models from 1946 to current models. We supply a factory pre-pump elimination kit that does away with the fuel tank mounted pre- pump on certain Silver Spurs. You need this if the pre-pump conks out.

0.161  Bentley Arnage and Rolls Royce Seraph electric window regulators with motor. We supply all manner of Arnage parts. Always contact us with the VIN.


0.16 New Corniche, Bentley T, Spur and Spirit front fenders (wings) and hoods (bonnets)

0.17 For Silver Spur and Spirit, we have in stock new original Triplex front windscreen/windshield glass and back glass ( we offer the seals as well of course) We also offer glass for Silver Cloud, Bentley S, Silver Shadow and Bentley T, early and late Corniche, Camargue glass, as well as Bentley GT and Flying Spur. 


All manner of brake parts for cars manufactured after World War 2. Here is a remanufactured brake master cylinder for a circa 1952 Silver Wraith available as an exchange unit and ready for painting. We stock factory brake rebuild kits for all Silver Cloud and Bentley S series. We keep brake and hydraulic kits and parts for all Silver Shadow, Silver Wraith, and Corniche from 1966-1980. We also stock brake rebuild kits and parts for all Silver Spur and many post 1980 cars. 


We supply new fresh original radiator hoses and heater supply hoses for Silver Cloud, Bentley S series, Silver Shadow and 1981 onwards  Rolls Royce and Bentley cars. We stock the heater control valves.

0.20   We stock new differential crown wheel (ring and pinion) gear sets for Silver Cloud 1 and Bentley S1 ( If your rear end is clunking, you need one of these.) These beautiful gear sets are wrapped in a special oil cloth and factory boxed. 

0.21   New Silver Shadow choke pipes. These can and do break when the exhaust manifolds are removed.  Most of these are no longer available from the factory.

0.22    New Silver Shadow complete tail lamps.  Here is a handful of a new Silver Shadow three lens style tail lamp assembly complete with lenses, bulbs and sockets. The amber turn lens is no longer available from the factory and instead they supply the entire lamp. We still do supply all the individual lenses at this time though.

0.23  Perhaps the last new old stock left rear Silver Cloud shock absorber on the planet.

0.25  We stock Original Yale (analog) key blanks for 1980's up Silver Spur, Corniche and Silver Spirit without remote locking.

025.1  For USA and other markets 1977-1980 Silver Shadow II, Corniche and Silver Wraith front bumper impact strips. These rubber parts have been "impacted' and beat up for years. Many cars need one or two by now and two are used for USA cars.  Rolls-Royce dealers are no longer able to supply them but we have new ones in stock. We also supply the rear bumper strip and the non USA front single impact strip.


We stock the little bitty teeny weenie dash light bulbs made by the elves for Shadows and Spurs. Brighten up your life and don't be a dim bulb. There are 27 light bulbs of five different types used with a Silver Shadow II dash. We stock them all. 

0.27 Radiators. We supply many rebuilt radiators with new cores for Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars built from 1946-2009. All are exchange. For Bentley GT and Flying Spur and 2004 up Rolls-Royce Phantom we offer new radiators with no exchange at this time.


We stock new Right and  Left remote adjustable outside mirrors for Silver Shadow II cars and supply the required parts to fit them on cars that did not have a mirror on each front door. Few cars were fitted with an outside mirror on the passenger side but more rearview visual aids when driving is always a good thing with a big car. We also supply new mirror glass if one becomes "unsightly".


Here we have a new twin distributor for Bentley Turbo R's and many 1990's Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars. There were seven left in the world the last time Scotty checked. This is #7. We also stock the inside drive belt as well as caps and rotors. 


Here we offer new and the very last original front fender (wing) running lamp nacelles This part is attached to the top of the front fenders on Cloud 1 and 2 and holds the small wing lamp. These are frequently found badly rusted and we stock the last of the remaining factory made in the day new lamp nacelles so the fender can be repaired without bondo. No one has these except for us of course and only a single right and a single left remain in our stocks.

0.31  Car Covers. We supply CoverCraft car covers for many Bentley and Rolls-Royce models.  To order a custom fitted cover contact us for specifics.  Be sure to tell us if you have a long or standard wheelbase model. Why do you need a car cover? Aside from the obvious reason that they protect the expensive paintwork, when owners bring their cars to us for service, we always ask them to bring their cover along so we can keep the car "tucked in". No one wants their car scratched and a quality cover really helps. There are very cheap covers on the market for $30-40. or such and these covers are trash. You simply cannot buy good material for such a sum much less pay someone to make it. 


For Silver Cloud and Bentley S, We have one remaining set of handmade bespoke air conditioning vents that were designed by Scotty. This photo is a air conditioning vent box being fitted to a Silver Cloud with a new headliner. This is a three piece set with burled and cross banded wood like the rest of the car. These are a really beautiful accessory for the hideously ugly original vents used on some models that were basically stamped from a flat piece of sheet metal or from cheap plastic.  This set is for the standard wheelbase model.  $950. for the three piece set, this is the last and no more will be made.

0.33key  We have original Yale key blanks for R-Type Bentley cars. If your car is a nice one and you have a crummy aluminum key for it, now you can have the real thing again. 


 Castrol RR363 brake fluid is in stock for all pre-1980 cars except the 1979 Corniche.  We also stock the green Castrol Plus fluid for post 1980 cars.



Here we offer an original tool kit with original tools for Silver Cloud 1 and Bentley S1.  Only the one kit is available. This one is in great condition.


This Metalastic rubber bushing part centralizes the transmission shift linkage on Silver Cloud and Bentley S series. We find that this part is almost always rotten and the shift is therefore sloppy. The metal part in the center will just flop around within the rotten rubber making an egg shaped wear hole. We also stock the four small linkage bushings for the shift linkage that also fit the handbrake linkage.

.039  We supply new vinyl roofs made from the original Everflex material in the original 31 colors for Silver Shadows,  Silver Wraiths, Silver Spurs and more.

The above parts are but a very few of what we supply and hopefully you get the idea that we can help with your parts requirements in many instances. 


Call 281.448.4739 for parts

A link to our E-mail address >>> Rolls-Royce & Bentley Parts USA<<<

Now we go to a few single digit items of interest. 

1. New Silver Cloud 1,2,3 and Bentley S 1,2,3 brake drums. These are genuine parts and are not cheaply made and poorly machined reproductions made from old beer cans. We also offer many new and remanufactured brake related parts for most 1950 and up Rolls-Royce or Bentley automobiles. 

1.2   We supply these Silver Cloud One, Bentley S1 and R-Type starter drive shells. These shells can break up upon occasion after 50 years of banging up against the ring gears while starting engines. 

2. New Carburetors are available for certain Silver Shadow II and late Corniche. Contact us with your VIN for applications. We also stock all the usual suspects to rebuild most RR and Bentley carburetors made since 1946. We keep floats, jets, gaskets, shaft seals, float valves etc. We also stock the fiddly bits because we like fiddly bits.

3. We have the last of new steering wheels for Silver Cloud II and III. 

4. Upon special order we offer new flywheels for 1955-1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 1 and Bentley S 1. Many of these cars are suffering from worn or broken flywheel teeth that can and do ruin the starter gears. Now this problem can be fixed. These are made in very small production runs and are expensive but what are you going to do, use a 50+ year old used one with ground down or broken gear teeth for your nice RR or Bentley? 

5. New Owners handbooks, workshop manuals and electrical books in English, Spanish, French, German Italian, Arabic and Japanese. We can still supply quite a few of these books back into the early fifties on up. Some of them are quite rare. We can supply them for Bentley Arnage and many more. Workshop manuals for Azure cars were not published. 



 For Silver Cloud II and III and Bentley S2 and S3 owners, we have new Lucas Screen Jet electric  windscreen washer assemblies available complete with bracket and for Cloud I and Bentley S1 owners, we offer the vacuum model.

7. We supply many body seals such as windshield and door seals. We supply just about all the body rubber parts on Silver Cloud, Silver Shadow and Silver Spur. We supply new windshields, back glass and lenses for many models to enable nice detailing as well as weatherizing for paint restoration work. A note of caution. Glass for these cars is expensive. If you are trying to save the old glass, it is always best to cut the glass out of the old sealing rubber as glass does become more fragile over time and exposure to the sun. If you want to save money, the extra time expended carefully removing glass always pays off.  

8. Exhausts- We supply all manner of original and aftermarket based on original exhaust parts and systems. 

9. For Corniche, Silver Cloud, Silver Shadow, MK6 and R-Type cars with rust damage, we offer many rust repair sections such as fender repair sections, wheel arch sections, sills, valances etc. These are steel sections meant to be fitted by skilled welders. They allow a rusted out part of the car to cut away and a new section welded into place resulting in a proper repair. 


We stock new Euro style headlamps for Silver Spirits, Silver Spurs, Bentley 8 and Brooklands. This left hand drive specification kit requires no extra parts other than a car and is easy to fit. Visibility at night is much improved and they look great as well. We also supply new front, side and rear lenses for this model.  We supply replacement glass lenses for these Euro lamps so you don't have to buy a complete lamp to replace a broken or chipped lens.


We have an extremely rare set of restored  in England LHD RR headlamps with the little RR logo inside the lamps. These lamps are not new. New lamps have been unavailable for many years and USA cars never were fitted with them as Federal DOT law in the old days prevented the use of non sealed beam lamps. These laws were thrown out and now non sealed beam lamps are fitted to many cars. These lamps are appropriate for Silver Cloud 1 and 2. 

12.  Silver Shadow, Corniche and Silver Spur and Spirit new power window motors and other window parts as well as post 1966 Bentley cars are in stock.


This well dressed beautiful white peacock visited our shop and strutted his stuff.


Rockers and Rolls and Bentley Sills

Here are replacement inner and outer steel rocker panels or sills for Silver Cloud and Bentley S series. These parts are the long section located under the doors on any car. Prone to rust, rocker panels or sills are an important structural section of a car, especially convertibles. On many cars we have found much of the metal in the original parts has rusted away and was replaced perhaps many times with plastic body filler, chicken wire, the London Times and the poor repair is hidden under the paint. Of course this sort of thing does nothing at all to stop rust. The good fix for heavily rust damaged sections is to not monkey around with plastic body filler trying to "fix" structurally weakened rusted away body sections and instead slice off the inner and outer panels and weld in new ones. We offer many rust repair sections for Silver Cloud series, Silver Shadow, Silver Spirit and Silver Spur. The banana is not a genuine Rolls-Royce banana and does not come with the rockers.


13.1.2 We now have "original front damper nut covers" for Shadow, Spur and Corniche cars back in stock. For those of you whose shock nuts have become "au natural" and you, being a properly stylish owner, no doubt want to return some measure of dignity to your nuts. This is the part that fits above the top shock nuts to give them a well appointed appearance. 


13.1.34  A new original rearview mirror for Silver Shadow. The little flecks are paper dust from the inside of the elderly box. We have the very last new one and there are no more anywhere.

13.1.35  We are a Covercraft dealer and offer COVERCRAFT car covers for just about every Bentley or Rolls Royce made. These are custom fitted covers not the generic sort and are made from the best materials available. We stock Silver Shadow covers in standard and long wheel base as well as Spur covers. We and all quality shops always prefer for owners to bring their cars with their car covers so we can keep their cars covered while in the workshops. These covers are available in many colors and choices of materials. 

13.1.36      Fixes for the wiggling rearview mirror syndrome (WRMS)

The oval rubber part in the package is called a pedestal joint and fits under the outside mirrors on Silver Shadow II cars. Your pedestal joint may well have rotted away by now and the mirror assembly shakes and vibrates. The mirror base with joint should like the mirror in the right hand photo. This situation of a rotten or missing mirror joint can make the cars on the road behind you appear to be in an earthquake. In some parts of the world it is good to know if you are in an earthquake or not! The metal mirror base without a good joint is also rubbing metal against the paintwork. Besides all that, the car is nicer and more finished with them back where they belong. 


Perhaps you are continually aggravated by having to use a golf ball or wad of duct tape or whatever as your gear selector knob on your Silver Shadow or Corniche as the original gear selector knob has cracked or become lost? This is the original knob used on cars built after VIN 6003 and was used at least to VIN 26700. We can supply the earlier shifter knob that is more pencil shaped as well. 

13.18.99  We offer all manner of window switches, gears, drive chains, couplings and motor parts to repair the electric window mechanisms as well as complete window regulators for Silver Shadow and Arnage series cars and many others. 


Electrical parts.  Of course we have them!  We stock many switches, relays, motors, parts of motors, connectors, wiring looms, bulbs, lap parts, fuel pumps, sensors and sundries for a great many models. 


Door bump stops.

Your Silver Shadow, Silver Spur or Silver Spirit most likely needs these bump stops. This part is fitted inside the door lock strikers on the post and keeps the door from making an unseemly banging or clunking noise when the door is shut. Most of these bumps have fallen off, are rotten or are smushed from time and use. These are supplied as a set of four and are easy to replace. It's the little things....

13.16.99078 Jubilee clips. Yes we can supply Jubilee clips that are known as hose clamps in the USA. These clamps are not stamped "Jubilee"  but are what the factory supplies now and they come in a bag marked Jubilee clip.  The parts look like the original clips and unless you are looking at them with binoculars or have Superman vision it will be hard to tell.

13.16.8788  Aerial grommets for the electric antenna assembly. This is the rubber part that seals the assembly from ingress of water that runs down and hits the electric motor.  Many times this part has been painted over, has shrunk or is gone.

(Honey, I shrunk the Grommet)

UE1354 - A new old stock bonnet (hood) for a Silver Cloud. This bonnet is quite likely the last remaining new old stock assembly in existence and is still in the original shipping crate. It has both wings and the center hinge section.  So if a meteorite has hit your bonnet, we have one.


A rear brake disc for late 1990's Bentley Continental R cars. The rear brake discs are different from side to side. We supply the brake pads and all manner of brake parts for Continental R's.



2004 and up Bentley GT cars have a yearly service and we stock all the required parts for this procedure such as wiper blades, drain plug, spark plugs, filters, gaskets and such to keep the car in well cared for condition.

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I'm not digging those bad Vibrations



These parts are fitted to the rear cross member and suspension trailing arms on Silver Shadow series and early Spur series cars. The larger parts are cushions made from densely woven metal mesh that are designed to absorb and reduce road shock and subsequent vibrations from the crossmember to the car body. The entire rear suspension and differential is hung from the rear crossmember, a large and heavy structural member.  The smaller parts are conventional metal and rubber bushings for the rear trailing arms. As cars age these cushions and bushes slowly deteriorate and the ride quality diminishes. The shock absorbers and springs take care of larger bumps and the cushions help diminish the smaller vibrations while driving down a road so the car just wafts along transporting the passengers in a smooth, quiet and dignified manner quite unlike any other car.  Yes, we supply all of these parts to restore the ride of these cars to the delightful way they were. 



All Silver Shadow, Corniche and early Spur and Spirit cars with a metal header/expansion tank probably need one of these little rubber boots as in the photo that protect the contacts on the fluid level probe. This tank is located above the radiator. The boot fits over the fluid sensor connection located on the tank itself.  Have a look at your tank and you will most likely see two wires going to the small round probe plugs and you may also see the remnants of the boot or a dried up rotten boot or no boot. We have these boots in stock. We also stock the seal that fits inside the tank filler hole that the filler cap mashed against. These seals are usually hard as a stone. The cooling systems do not use a standard style radiator cap. The pressure is held with a special pressure valve that is located inside the expansion tank. Sure we stock the valve. The big black cap on the tank is a filler cap only and this is the way of all Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars from long ago to the introduction of the plastic reservoirs that use a standard appearing radiator cap. We stock the filler caps as well if yours has cracked and we supply the plastic tanks for most models. 

  We have countless parts, (ok, not really countless, someone could count them all eventually but who wants to spend their life counting car parts?)  anyway, we have countless parts and cannot (won't) list all of them as we do not have an entire Crewe of people devoted to listing ever changing part numbers and ever changing prices for a shopping cart setup cool as that might be. So we look up prices every day. 

Previously new parts and assemblies

While we primarily supply new parts as there is nothing better than high quality new parts, we do have some used parts and assemblies available such as:

1. A complete V8 engine for a circa 1975 Silver Shadow 

3. A complete V8 engine for a circa 1985 Silver Spur

4. A complete set of original wooden door caps for a long wheel base Silver Shadow or Silver Wraith

5. Many parts from a mostly complete except for the front end ( the car hit something bigger than it was) 1974 Shadow.

6. Original four Channel 8 track for a mid-1970's Shadow with separate radio. Sold as is. 

7. An extremely scarce complete six cylinder circa 1957 Silver Wraith engine with carburetors and air cleaner. Somewhere in the world is a Silver Wraith that is missing it's engine perhaps to a miss-guided conversion. This engine should also fit any 1946-1959 Bentley and Rolls-Royce car. 

10. A used Bentley Arnage grill shell.  Used in the sense it was removed from a brand new car as the owner wanted a different grill fitted. This is the painted style. 


Core charges explained 

What is a core? There are many assemblies and parts for these cars that are no longer available new. To rebuild certain parts, we have to have the old assemblies so they can be re-manufactured or rebuilt and we then offer these parts on an exchange basis. An old part or assembly to be returned is called a core. As some people don't get around to returning a core unless inspired, in addition to the cost of the part itself an adequate value is charged for the cores return so there will be sufficient inspiration to return it. Most of the time the core charge is at least equal to the value of the remanufactured part and in some applications more if the core is difficult to replace. For example say a remanufactured assembly costs $1500. The core charge is also at least $1500. 

As many cores are returned in varying degrees of condition, the amount of core value returned is contingent on condition. For example, if a steering rack is returned bent or damaged, there will be a diminished core value such as zero.  A good core for us means a part than can be rebuilt again without anything extraordinary required that costs more that usual to do. Another example. Suppose a core is returned for credit and has parts that are damaged for whatever reason that cost more than what we sell the entire rebuilt assembly for. This core would have diminished value. Thus properly packing a valuable core for return is important and as the cars get older, these cores become ever more scarce. We want all cores to be returned so we can keep offering rebuilt parts and always prefer the return of a good core to the return of a bad one. When good cores are returned, examined and deemed rebuildable, then we refund credit for it.

Some cores must be returned and in our hands before a replacement is shipped out as the cores are made of unobtanium.

We are always looking for the following cores:

Rolls-Royce and Bentley steering racks, Shadow and T1 accumulators, brake calipers and certain water pumps.

We actively buy entire new Rolls-Royce parts inventories and single new leftover parts!

Our E-mail spare parts address >>> Rolls-Royce & Bentley Parts USA<<<

Contact us by telephone 281.448.4739 with your cars VIN ( chassis number), year and model so Scotty MacClymonds, our parts guy that has worked here since since the Silver Dawn of 1976 and whom possesses a considerable database of parts knowledge within his head and computers to do his job of helping owners in Texas and all over the planet Earth with their parts requirements.  Scotty has been invited to and has personally gone through the entire Bentley and Rolls-Royce main supply warehouse in England, box by box, bin by bin, on several occasions and has peered into almost every nook and cranny. Photos are not allowed in there but he has a good memory for car parts. 

Our Deutsch clients need to send us their fahrgestellnummer or chassis number for quotes. None of us speak Deutsch but we know a few words like fahrgestellnummer. 

For our Czech Republic clients here is information about the VIN translated by one of our CZ friends:

 Pro klienty z České republiky: prosím, pošlete nám identifikační číslo vozidla (VINko) a seznam dílů, které potřebujete.

Na požádání Vám poskytneme kontakt na servis veteránů RR a Bentley v Praze

 We speak Canadian and North Dakotan pretty well too eh? 



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We rebuild, supply parts and offer from our shelves many rebuilt assemblies

There are as many definitions of "rebuilt" as there are people that intend to rebuild things. All of our rebuilt offerings are done to the highest possible standards and are not meant to compete with firms that offer the cheapest possible rebuilding service. We are not particularly snotty or egotistical about these services it is that our goal is always to make the rebuilding of an assembly as long lasting as we can so this philosophy requires the usage of more new parts combined with experienced workmanship. If a lowest possible cost without regard for quality or safety is the goal as the car is to be Ebayed onto an unsuspecting buyer, then we are not going to be able to help.  If the desire is to purchase the best quality something available, here we are!

The Age of (re) Manufacturing

Some of our remanufactured and rebuilt assemblies are:

Corniche and Bentley Convertible power top (hood) cylinders or rams. Most of these are no longer supplied but we do rebuild them. We also rebuild many top pumps. 


A chicken sings cluck cluck cluck.

A worn Rolls-Royce or Bentley axle can sing clunk clunk clunk.

 These are new rear axle parts used to rebuild rear axle assemblies  in 1966-1981 cars.  Over the years, the rubber axle boot perishes, dirt gets into the axle grease and chews up the 60 roller bearings, the races and sometimes the housing itself. This wear results in unseemly vibrations opon take off and a clunking noise will sometimes emanate from the axle. Clunk clunk clunk.  You can prevent this by replacing the rubber boot if it has a hole or is rotten. Replacing the boot without ripping it requires pressing out a large bearing race pin from the axle shaft. This is not easy to do but must be done. The pressing work can and sometimes does ruin the pin. We supply new pins, needle bearings, races and new Detroit pots ( the large machined casting in the right of the above photo) to make the axles tight. We also supply an uprated axle but it costs a lot more.


Electronic ignitions for Bentley and Rolls-Royce

We supply electronic ignition kits for all Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars built from 1946-1975 to replace the points. From 1976 onwards, all cars were fitted with various generations of electronic ignitions by the factory and we do supple replacement parts for these units. The new electronic ignitions that we provide fit entirely inside the cap, only have two wires and provide 40v of hot spark. Points do not and never did provide even spark to all the cylinders. Points start to wear as soon as the car is started. Points are better off dead and gone to be read about in old car history books.

Upon occasion we hear negative comments about to an electronic ignition upgrade from a hard head mechanic. The hard head may say stick with the old points. Scotty will ask, "So, what car do you drive every day?"

They answer with some sort of later model car or truck that was built with factory electronic ignition. Scotty then asks, "So, you drive a car with electronic ignition everyday and probably have for decades but prefer to install ignition points in clients cars that originally had points rather than upgrade the car to electronic ignition?"

"Can you explain the logic in that?"

Generally we then hear a begrudging," Ok, send the kit." grumble grumble grumble and that's ok.

The Matrix Revisited


Here are a pair of rebuilt Silver Cloud heater cores or matrixes ready to go.  There are two on each car to keep passengers warm.

Power assisted and power steering exchange units


We stock rebuilt Power steering racks for all Rolls-Royce Shadow, Corniche, Spur and Spirit and Bentley cars with rack and pinion steering up to but not including yet the Bentley GT and Flying Spur models . These are very popular with installers because the premature failure rate is extremely low. We usually have these on the shelf and ready to go. As early racks are getting very scarce, we do require the old rack prior to shipping a rebuilt rack.


 This photo shows a rebuilt and re-bushed power steering assist ram fitted to all Silver Cloud and Bentley S series cars. These last a long time after a reseal. It also fits 1950's Silver Wraith and Phantom with power assist steering. We rebuild Silver Cloud 2,3 and Bentley S power assisted steering rams, steering boxes and pumps. Silver Cloud 1 power assist boxes are renowned for leaking. These boxes will still leak some fluid after resealing and this particular box is very difficult to work with. Thus we guarantee them to leak a little bit.  On a visit to the factory a while back, we attempted to locate any old information they might still have about this steering box but nothing remains, no one now remembers and very few parts remain. We do stock all the sealsand these will greatly lessen leaks but these boxes will never be dry unless all the fluid has leaked out.

We provide parts to rebuild the power steering boxes for pre-1977 Shadows.



Yes, we supply joints of all kinds. A joint in Rolls-Royce parlance is a gasket and we have them for engines and just about anywhere a joint will go.

Water pumps

We offer rebuilt Rolls-Royce water pumps and Bentley water pumps for cars from 1946 up. Regarding pumps that we do not have cores for, we rebuild your pump.  (All rebuilt parts have a core charge that is refundable upon return of a good core) 

Brake and Hydraulic parts

Rolls-Royce and Bentley brake calipers  (We supply all new stainless steel pistons as well as the rubber parts)

Kits for Bentley MK6, Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn and Silver Cloud brake wheel cylinders 

sealing kits for Brake pumps, new brake pumps  and pump parts for many models 

Rolls-Royce brake accumulators and accumulator valves that also fit many Bentley cars.  We do a lot of these and it is amazing that the cars they came from stopped at all as the condition of many of them is horrible due to many factors we discuss in Section One.

Silver Shadow rear suspension leveling valves and parts for them.  Yes, we rebuild these valves.

Silver Shadow rear suspension height control rams and parts for them. We rebuild them.


Radiators (rebuilt with high efficiency cores)  or factory exchange units. If the tank is cracked on your radiator, it has no core value and the cost doubles.

Electric shifter boxes for the transmissions ( We offer many parts to rebuild or repair these as well) 

Carburetors ( We stock a great many carburetor parts)

Distributors (We rebuild them and offer parts and electronic ignitions for them) 

Wiper motors ( We rebuild motors from the 1940's up and offer new motors for later model cars.) 

Engines (We offer some factory exchange units and rebuild most others) 

Transmissions ( Silver Cloud, Bentley R Type and S series as well as early Shadows use automatic transmissions that fit nothing else and are a specialty here. 


Silver Cloud kingpin related parts and assemblies

air pumps

all manner of hoses

Everything else we can offer.

If you are in need of parts just let us know what you want and please include the VIN.

                          Bentley GT parts                                            Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud parts

                          Bentley Arnage Parts                                      Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow parts

                          Bentley Azure parts                                        Rolls-Royce Corniche parts

                          Bentley Turbo R parts                                     Rolls-Royce Crewe built Phantom parts

                          Bentley Continental parts                                 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur parts

                          Bentley Flying Spur Parts                                Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit parts

                          Bentley T  parts                                                Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn parts

                          Bentley S parts                                                Rolls-Royce Flying Spur parts

                          Bentley Mulsanne parts                                    Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith parts

                          Bentley Brookland parts                 


   A Corniche Drophead coupe fitted with a Nardi steering wheel. Makes an already very fine car a bit more special.

Our E-mail spare parts address >>> Rolls-Royce & Bentley Parts USA<<<

Our telephone number   281.448.4739

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We don't know where or when the photo of this forlorn Bentley was taken.

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