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Sport and Classic Car Company


  Billions of Car Parts Company

        10525 Airline Drive        Houston, Texas 77037 



Accessories, wheels and more


A photo of a spline drive wheel for MGB and TRIUMPH for Austin Healey, MG,Triumph and other British cars with wire wheels


We offer many motoring accessories for British cars. For Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars we offer custom made to original specifications lambs wool floor over mats for Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, Silver Shadow and Silver Spirit and Silver Spurs and Bentley cars as well as nice stainless exhaust headers for MGB and  performance cams, ignitions and coils. cross drilled brake rotors, stainless steel brake hoses, oil coolers, cross flow heads, alloy flywheels and other speed enhancements for many British sports cars.  Contact us for specific applications, pricing and availability.


 A photo of MGB wire wheel

We offer new wire wheels, painted and chrome.


 A photo of Mag wheel for MGB and TR 


For MGB, MG Midget and Triumph TR6 and Spitfire cars we offer these great looking wheels in direct bolt on and spline drive.

A photo of a Jaguar D-Type, E-Type wheel                           A photo of a Jaguar E-Type race car 

 Jaguar E-Type Dunlop style wheels


This style of spline drive wheel was originally made specifically for the iconic Jaguar D-Type race cars and is the inspiration for the wheel we offer for Jaguar E-Type and Jaguar MK II cars that were fitted with wire wheels. These wheels are beautifully made and are easy to clean and balance. This style wheel is also available with five lug holes for cars that came with bolt on wheels and is available for the pin drive wheels fitted on some early E-Types. The wheel is available in sets of four or as singles if a curb or sinkhole is too quickly encountered. These wheels do not fit MG or Triumph. Contact us for pricing and availability.


A photo of a Lucas hazard switch

We offer this period style Lucas hazard warning lamp accessory kit so if your car did not come with this safety feature the car can have hazard warning lamps. Fits under the dash. Fits many British cars that did not come with this safety feature.


KONI shocks

 We supply KONI shocks and have for 43 years. KONI shocks are great for the front of a TR6 or Spitfire and for Jaguar XJ6 and XJ12 and XK140 and XK150 and Jaguar E-Type cars as well as many others. We have a small very limited stock of vintage KONI shocks for these models. When they are gone that is the end of them as all have been discontinued from KONI for many years.

 Datson 1300, 1600, 1800 rear shocks KONI  80-2008

1969-1971 Ford Capri front shocks KONI 82P1627

1969-1971 Ford Capri rear shocks  KONI 80-2071

Volvo 142, 142, 242, 164   KONI front shocks 80-1931

 Autodymanics rear  Formula Vee

Mazda formula V race car KONI  80T1669

Jensen Interceptor MKIII front shocks KONI 82-1778

Mercedes Benz rear shocks   KONI 82J1624
  1973-1977  200 series

1969-1976 Mazda1000, 1200, 1300  front shocks

1970-1976 R100 rotary coupe , Mazda RX2, Mazda 616   KONI 82P1675 

 Mazda RX3, Mixer, GLC wagon, sedan rear wheel drive, Mazda 808 front shocks KONI 82P1816 
KONI 86-2123 alt number

 1971-1974 Toyota Celica GT front strut insert KONI 82R1782


    A photo of our display case   A photo of our display case

We offer deluxe canvas and vinyl convertible tops, repair books, car badges, car stickers, Weber Carburetors and parts. 


  A photo of a tripod headlamp  photo of our showcase  


  Images of rearview mirrors We offer many outside mirror styles such as these.


  A photo of SU Carburetors

We offer brand new S.U. carburetors and supply many parts for S.U. carburettors.  We rebuild S.U., Solex, Zenith and  Weber carburetors.


Recently we rebuilt the Zenith Stromberg carburetors on a 1963 Triumph TR4. The car had been brought to us to resurrect it to drivable condition. This Triumph had not been running since the early 1980's or around 38 years and the carburetors were in truly miserable condition but rebuild them we did.

ANSA Exhaust systems

 ANSA made some of the finest performance sport exhaust systems for whatever cars they offered them for. These systems were exquisitely made and tuned to sound deep, throaty and just fantastic. The materials used were very high quality.  All of these systems have been long discontinued for British car applications and new old stock systems nowadays are highly sought after as nothing made today compares to the sound and quality of the vintage ANSA Sport systems. If you want vintage sound, you need a vintage exhaust.


  We have a VERY few remaining new old stock, rare and long unavailable ANSA systems available.


We have one complete new old stock ANSA Sport exhaust system for Austin Healey 3000 BJ8.  This system is still in the ANSA factory plastic wrapping. These systems have been unavailable for around 20+ years and without a doubt were the best sounding exhaust ever made for these cars. Just fantastic and they last a very long time. Available for substantial offer.

We have one complete extremely rare new old stock system for Jaguar E-Type, a  ANSA Sport exhaust, still in the ANSA plastic wrap, that fits all 6 cylinder Jaguar E-Type roadsters and coupes. These systems have not been made in 20 +  years and are highly sought after as they no longer exist, except perhaps for this one. Beautiful sound and there is no exhaust that was ever made that sounds as good as the ANSA. These well made sturdy systems seem to last for decades. Available for substantial offer.

 ANSA was purchased by a firm that ended production of all British car Sport exhausts.  Sad but the way it is.

For parts orders  Send us an e-mail!


Sport and Classic Car Company

10525 Airline Drive

Houston, Texas 77037


telephone 281.448.4739