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Rare Things and Cool Stuff for 2024


Scarce parts along with interesting and experienced special bits and pieces


This section is for a few of the rare and interesting items we have available. Some items are automobile related and others are interesting objects, antiques and unique items we have found over the last 44+ years. We are making these items available for purchase by highest offer or by fixed price as noted. More items will be listed as time permits. If you have an interest in some of these, send your best offer and we might just take it. Click the pictures to expand them.


Photo of a Sprite hardtop  Photo of a Sprite hardtop  Photo of a Sprite hardtop

 Here we offer an original and extremely scarce Austin Healey Sprite MK 1 original BMC factory hardtop . The hard top is around 62 years old and has a good original Triplex back glass and has two original chrome top clamps. Needs painting of course.


We have Austin Healey 3000 cylinder heads, engine blocks, exhaust and intake manifolds, a TR4 transmission, remnants of a Jaguar MK 9 parts car ( no gas tanks) . Nash Metropolitan convertible parts car. Jaguar XJ6 Series I parts car.

 The following rare and obsolete parts and objects are all for sale!


photo of Triumph dealer sign    

 A 1960's original illuminated Triumph automobile dealer sign. 1960's vintage. This may be the only remaining example of this sign to exist.  Beautiful condition. This sign is approximately 5' x 6'   SOLD!


    photo of neon Westinghouse sign       photo of neon Westinghouse sign      photo of neon Westinghouse sign      photo of neon Westinghouse sign


Late 1940's -1950's vintage Neon Westinghouse electric sign for sale.  All the original neon filled glass tubes are intact and working. Intact original tubes is an amazing thing for a vintage neon sign in original unrestored condition that is very good.  The sign is crated for shipping by truck freight and the last three photos are of the sign in the crate.  (upsidedown)      48" x 46"    4500.


Original BMC illuminated dealer sign from the 1960's  $8400.

   photo of BMC sign  BMC sign photo


PHOTO OF A Jaguar dealer sign   An original Jaguar dealer clock from the early 1980's  $375.



photo of A Bosch dealer sign   A original Bosch illuminated sign.   $125.


photo of a Jaguar banner   A original Jaguar dealer pennant for the XJ-S model from the early 1980's   $175.



   photo of a MGTD frame     photo of a MGTD frame

We have a good solid MGTD frame, MGTD brake drums, driveshaft,  a right hand drive MGTD dashboard and a good MGTD transmission. We also have the original early style rear wings or fenders. All are original parts.

We have a good MGTF transmission.


  photo of a Jaguar shifter cover

Here is a dusty new old stock steering column shifter cover for a 1960-1967 Jaguar Mark II automatic complete with wiring. These are usually cracked or broken. 

  photo of a Lucas lens

This new old stock Lucas Model L874 lamp was used on AJS, Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles. 

 photo of a Jaguar emblem

This BD 26762 Jaguar badge was used on all Jaguar cars built from about 1960-1979. 


  Photo of a Jaguar shock

Here is an original Girling  # 4299GT rear shock pair for a Jaguar E-Type. For a 100 point restoration. We have two.


   photo of a Lucas battery part

Here we have a new old stock Lucas battery cap with it's original hose for a real purist. 


   photo of a Lucas horn button

Original MGTD horn button switch, used and works. 


MGA cam bearings photo

A set of 8G2261 or VP 932  Vandervell Cam bearings for a MGA Twin Cam, Extremely rare new old stock , one set only.  We have a large Vandervell bearing stock with very limited quantities of each application and have rare sets of NOS Vandervell engine bearings. We have a few sets of engine main bearings for the twin cam.


  photo of a antique wall fan

Keep cool with this circa 1925 Hunter 16" brass blade oscillating fan that can be mounted on a wall like it is now or sitting on a desk. In great original condition, it's been rewired, lubricated and is ready for another 80 years of service. You will want this fan to help survive global warming. Runs great. 455.00

  photo of a antique wall fan

Here is a vintage Robbins & Myers 16" brass blade oscillating fan likely made in the 1920's. It is mounted on a wall in the photo and can sit on a desk as well. Works great. 325.00


  16" antique Emerson fan photo    16" antique Emerson fan photo    16" antique Emerson fan photo

Here is a nice working antique electric fan, a Emerson 29648, a 16" oscillating fan with brass blades.  Runs smoothly and well on three speeds.   Made in 1929. These are large heavy fans that move a lot of air. To say it is very well built would be an understatement. Lots of brass, iron and steel. 295.00  unrestored original.


   Emerson antique fan photo      Emerson antique fan photo      Emerson antique fan photo                

Here is a vintage Emerson 24666,  a  12" six brass blade oscillating fan. This interesting model had brass cage arms as well as brass blades. Cast iron blade hub. Very quiet and works great on one speed.  This fan was made in 1911.   Emerson fans are considered to be some of the best fans ever made. Some collectors call these bedroom fans as 6 blade fans are quieter. Lots of brass, iron and steel. Runs great. Original and unrestored.  375.







Sport and Classic Car Company


  Billions of Car Parts Company

        10525 Airline Drive        Houston, Texas 77037