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Pertronix Electronic Ignitions and performance upgrades

Photo of a Sunbeam Tiger and our sign

A Sunbeam Tiger V8 about to take off with a new Pertronix ignition fitted.


We are a Texas Pertronix Dealer and ship anywhere on this planet. Mars shipping will happen after the Moon. later.

Image of a Ignitor logo                              Image of coils                    Image of never change points again logo                    

Most vintage gasoline engines used points and condensors or contact sets for spark plug ignition and this ancient system can be upgraded to electronic ignition for most cars. Why do you want this? You want it for the same reason all car manufacturers have gone to electronic ignitions because the NEW IGNITIONS are reliable and produce a much hotter spark which works better for the lower octane fuel we get these days. Electronic ignitions don't oxidize and steadily deteriorate like points do. Engines start faster, idle smoother and generally run better with these ignitions.  Engines don't require tuning nearly as often and this saves money. Donate the savings to animal rescue groups and improve your karma.   

 We offer state of the art ignition systems for an expansive range of cars as well as industrial engines and vintage farm machinery and have fitted them for many years in our service bays (on cars).  We can supply all required parts to make this very effective upgrade such as caps, rotors, cables and more.

For example, we offer electronic in positive or negative earth ignitions for:


Armstrong Siddeley

Austin cars from 1952 up such as A30, A40, A55, A60

Austin Healey

Aston Martin from 1951 to 1973

Bentley from 1946 into the 1980's

Bristol 6 and 8 cylinder cars

Daimler from 1950-1971

Hillman from 1955-1979

Humber from 1953-1970

Landrover 109

Lotus from 1964-1979

Mercedes Benz from 1953-1977

MG from 1946-1980

Original Mini-all

Nash Metropolitan from 1954-1964

Nash Healey

Morris from 1957-1975

Riley RMB, RMC, RME and more from 1950-1970

Rolls-Royce from 1924-1925 and from 1946 into the 1980's

Rover cars from 1948-1979

Singer from 1959-1971

Standard 8,10

Sunbeam Alpine, Tiger and others from 1953-1973

Triumph from 1950-1980





We supply ignitions for many car models, many forklifts and industrial engines as well.

We have many applications that are not listed above. 

For parts orders call 281.448.4739 or  Click here to Send us an e-mail!


Sport and Classic Car Company

10525 Airline Drive

Houston, Texas 77037


telephone 281.448.4739